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Drying and Inspissation

Drying and inspissation are used in practically all industries:

– Food
– Fish
– Feed
– Oil and Gas
– Wood

Drying is a process during which water is removed from a solid product.
– The water can be removed mechanically or by applying heat.

Mechanical removing of water is the cheapest method, however, it is only possible above a certain minimum water content. The remaining water must be removed by applying heat (typically hot air). This is very energy consuming.

Inspissation is practically identical to drying except for the end product.

If the end product can be pumped, we talk about inspissation.

Drying is typically used in order to make an organic matter storage stable by reducing the water content to below 10% so that rotting is avoided.

If the end product cannot be pumped, we talk about drying.

Inspissation is used for concentrating a product, e.g. in order to reduce transport costs. A product is often inspissated before it is dried.

Process Engineering A/S have many years of experience with designing and operating drying and inspissation plants.


  • Thermal design of inspissators (tube and plate heat exchangers)
  • Thermal design of drying plants
  • Energy optimizing of inspissators and dryers
  • Instrumentation of inspissators
  • PI diagrams
  • PED calculation of pressure vessels
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