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Production optimization

In the daily operation, many companies experience problems with unintended production stops, annoying system errors, bottlenecks, product loss, too high rejection rates, etc.

Denmark is inhibited by a high salary level, which necessitates running optimization of the production in order to remain competitive – also called production optimization.

Production optimization with different eyes

Looking at the daily routines at a company with different eyes always results in suggestions for changes of work routines, reduction of production losses and energy savings – all leading to financial savings:

•Process analysis/optimization
•Optimum layout / improved logistics
•Energy optimization
•Trouble shooting in cooperation with the client
•Elimination of bottle necks
•Automation and optimization of production processes

Let Process Engineering A/S review your production focussing on the items above.The result of this review will be a production optimization report with suggestions for improvement and a budget estimate for the investment. Subsequently, the management and the board of directors can give priority to future projects.

Many years of experience with product optimization

Process Engineering A/S have many years of experience from many different industries with focus on the process industry.
Among our previous production optimization projects, we can mention:

•Thermografic examination of cooling pipes
•Reduction of condensate loss in vapour system at K-Salat
•Optimization of ice-water production at Arla Foods Holstebro
•Water-saving precaution at Hedegaard Foods
•Production optimization in connection with review of the production at Bähnke in Skælskør.
•Elimination of bottle necks resulting in increased production at Haldor Topsøe Frederikssund

Thermografic examination

•Finding thermal bridges at cooling pipes
•Finding thermal bridges at heating pipes
•Finding defects in electric panels
(avoiding unintended production stops)

Let us have a no-obligation talk together about your particular challenges in connection with optimizing your daily production.

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