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CIP plant

CIP is an abbreviation for “Cleaning in Place”.

CIP can be defined as:

• Cleaning of complete plants or pipelines without dismounting or opening the equipment and with a minimum of, or without any, manual operation by the operator
• During the process, all surfaces in contact with the product are cleaned by the cleaning liquid which circulates through the plant at a high flow velocity

Five questions when you need a CIP plant

1. Recycling or no recycling?

2. Central or decentralized placing?

3. When is the cleaning to take place?

4. How many cleaning and disinfection steps?

5. Type and number of objects to be cleaned?

Layout of Piping for CIP Cleaning

• A correctly designed layout of the piping is essential for CIP to be carried out successfully
• In practice, this design factor is often overlooked or underestimated
• It is important to
– Avoid “dead ends”
– Place CIP nozzles and CIP turbines correctly

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