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Stress-strain analysis on piping systems

Stress-strain analysis on pipin systems using Triflex, Caesar II and Rohr®

At Process Engineering A/S we perform stress-strain analysis on piping systems using Triflex, Caesar II and Rohr2®. Many piping systems, such as steam pipes, oil pipes and district heating pipes are exposed to significant variations in pressure and temperature, causing tension on pipe bends and pump flanges.

To prevent issues with this, our experts do a stress-strain analysis of the piping system using modern software. They all consider current standards such as EN 13480 or ASME B31.3 etc.

Stress analysis with Rohr2®

We have educated our experienced employees in using Rohr2®. In that way our clients are secured an even better and more qualified support. Therefore, we offer stress-strain analysis and calculations in Caeare II, Triflex and Rohr2®.

If we design your piping system, we can integrate it in a very short time, using for instance Rohr2®. We have a very efficient workflow with optimal use of resources. We can integrate your pipe bridge and calculate it as a unit, including suspensions, connections and supports.

If you need an evaluation of complex piping systems, we can provide suggestions for relief and redesign if needed, based on sound calculations.

Stress-strain analysis of containers

We design, specify and produce stress-strain analysis of pipe systems for all purposes, based on e.g. presentations, existing isometric drawings and/or PI diagrams. We have experience working with piping systems for the chemical industry the oil & gas industry and the power plant sector, as well as sanitary facilities for food/pharmaceutical industries.

If you need an analysis of your tanks or vessels, we have specialists within this area as well, who are using the latest state-of-the-art software. Standards such as EN 13445, AD2000, ASTM and BS5500 are commonplace for our experts.


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