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Production optimisation

Many production facilities experience problems with unintentional downtime, irritating system failures, production bottlenecks, product loss, high scrap percentages etc. on a daily basis. Denmark is characterised by a high salary level, which means that our productions must be optimised regularly in order to stay competitive – also known as production optimisation.

A fresh look at production optimization

A fresh set of eyes on a company’s daily operation will always lead to suggestions of changed routines, lessened scrap percentages and environmental savings, leading to economic savings.

  • Process analysis/optimization
  • Optimal layout /improved logistics
  • Energy optimization
  • Troubleshooting in cooperation with the client
  • Elimination of bottlenecks
  • Automation and optimisation of production processes

Let Process Engineering review your production, with a focus on the above-mentioned areas. A review will result in a production optimisation report, with suggestions for improvements, as well as a budgetary overview of the investment needed to implement these. Using this report, management, directorate or the board can prioritise upcoming projects.

Years of experience with production optimization

Process Engineering has years of experience from a variety of industries, focused on process industry.
Previous production optimization projects include:

  • Termographic examination of cooling pipes
  • Reduction of condensate loss in a steam system at K-Salat
  • Optimisation of ice-water production at Arla Foods Holstebro
  • Water saving precautions at Hedegaard Foods
  • Production optimization during review of Bähnke’s production in Skælskør

Elimination of bottlenecks, which resulted in increased production at Haldor Topsøe Frederikssund

Thermographic examination
  • Find heat bridges near cooling pipes
  • Find heat bridges near heat pipes
  • Find defects in electrical switchboards
    (avoiding unplanned downtime)

Let us have a non-committal talk about your daily challenges regarding optimization in your production.

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