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On this page you can read some of the press coverage Process Engineering A/S has had throughout the years since our beginning in 1999.


Process Engineering will triple the number of employees (article in Danish)

New director of section in Process Engineering (article in Danish)


Engineer with family values in focus receives “Årets Temapris” in Southern Jutland (article in Danish)

Process Engineering celebrates 20 years anniversary with trip to Hamborg (article in Danish)

Poul B. Jakobsen nominated in “Årets Ejerleder” (article in Danish)

Process Engineering gets Børzen Gazelle awarded for the fifth consecutive year (article in Danish)

Process Engineering supports the campaign “Danmark planter træer (article in Danish)

Fredericia company is certified for the second time as a great place to work (article in Danish)

Fredericia company making new paths – Want to consult the pharmaceutical industry (article in Danish)

Expansion: Large company in Fredericia enters a new branch (article in Danish)

Engineering gazelle with ambitious growth plan – takes Norway as the first (article in Danish)

Process Engineering A/S gave students insight of the company (article in Danish)


Refinery gets rebuild (article in Danish)


Engineer shortage – Work – life balance (article in Danish)

Growth due to marketing and the right employees (article in Danish)

Profits more than tripled for niche solutions, Finans.dk (article in Danish)



Groundbreaking ingredient for baby formula (article in Danish)

Process Engineering – Erhvervspris 2015

Wave of certifications means increased competition for the consultancy business, Ledelse idag (article in Danish)

Process Engineering commence cooperation with Glycom (article in Danish)



We need more people, living in Fredericia (article in Danish)

Gazelle 2015, Fredericia Dagblad (article in Danish)



Record growth at Process Engineering A/S (article in Danish)

Haldor Topsøe article, March 2014  (article in Danish)



Good year in 2011 (article in Danish)

091211 Fredericia Dagblad (article in Danish)



Arla refrigeration project (article in Danish)



Continued progress (article in Danish)

New office on Snarremosevej (article in Danish)



Tanks and containers, 2002 (article in Danish)



CE-marking of pressure equipment. (article in Danish)



J&M start-up 1999 (article in Danish)

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