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The heart of a biogas plant is an anaerob decaying tank in which waste from crops is processed.

The tanks are fed with energy crops such as maize silage or biodegradable waste, including sewage slurry, food waste and livestock manure.

During the process in an airtight container, the biomass waste is converted to methane. 

This gas can be used for heating, electricity production and many other purposes. For conversion of biogas to electricity or heat, a combustion engine or gas turbine is used.

The gas can also be upgraded to natural gas and sent out in the natural gas network.


Process Engineering have completed various tasks in connection with this type of plants. Below are a few examples of tasks.

Examples of previously concluded projects on the biogas field:

  • Design and engineering of NH3 and CO2 stripper for biogas plant, Biokraft Bornholm
  • Design of manure separation plant
  • Process design of NH3 stripper on existing biogas plant

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