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Authorised work environment advisor

Process Engineering has many years of consulting companies about process safety, CE marking and ATEX. Moreover, we are authorised work environment advisor within the physical industry by the Danish Work Environment. Read more about it on this page and what it means for your having us as a consulting partner.

Enforcement notice

When a company gets issued an enforcement notice from the Danish Work Environment within the physical industry, they have to use an authorised consulting company to meet the enforcement notice and strenghten their work environment.


Process Engineering and the company make an assessment of the issued enforcement notice and find solutions to solve the problems. At the same time, all similar problems should be covered and solved throughout the whole company. In the end Process Engineering makes an analysis, which meet the rules in the Executive Order on the use of an authorised advisor.

Quality assurance

It is the Danish Work Environment, who issues the authorization for Work Environment Advisors, and the authorization is valid for four years at a time. The working environment advisor must have insight in the working environment legislation and the Danish Working Environment’s practice so that the specific working environment problem is solved sensibly.

The authorization implies that the Working Environment Advisor must meet specific requirements regarding the work environment of the consultants’ level of education and consulting experience in the field of work environment. Furthermore, the authorization implies that the Danish Work Environment carries out random checks on the quality of the advice. Process Engineering has a fully implemented ISO 9001 quality management system, which ensures that we deliver the quality authorization as well as the customers requirements.
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